Commissions Price List!

If you’d like a commission, please contact me via text submission or ask here on my mod blog, or through a note over on my dA. (Link on the sidebar.)

As for payment, I take paypal and I’ll okay the sketch with you first before asking you to send payment.  If you are commissioning a blind bag, I take payment beforehand unless it’s a canon character.

I will not draw foalcon.  I am fine with gore, dark stuff, etc. I can do nsfw, but only under the condition that I ask you only to share it with the owners of the characters in the picture, and to not post it on tumblr, etc.

Unless you ask me not to, I will sometimes stream commissions.

The more details you give me, the better. I love details. <3

Blind Bags

Prices start at $15 for a basic repaint(shipping included).  Prices go up from there depending on how much work or add-ons I have to put into the chosen base.  If you’re interested in a blind bag, send me a message with a ref and the base you’d like used and I’ll give you an estimate on how much it’ll cost.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Updated my price sheet for commissions!

Ember: Ohnononono


Mod: Casual direction shift.

Ember: Um…

Happy Mother&#8217;s Day mom&#8230;
If you&#8217;re still out there&#8230;

Happy Mother’s Day mom…

If you’re still out there…


The bouquet effect


Ember: I-I actually don’t want the bouquet! Help!

(Mod: Omg this literally made me fall over laughing. Thanks so much. <33)